We sell merchandise to generate funds, which we then use to support non-profit organizations that empower foster youth and drive positive change within the foster care system. Your purchase directly contributes to making a difference in the lives of these young individuals.

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We create impactful media properties to tell the stories of foster kids and those with experience within the foster care system.

Using media as a powerful tool to raise awareness, we sell and license these properties. The proceeds are then used to support the non-profit organizations we collaborate with, driving positive change and empowerment for foster youth.

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A Foster Story

Emanuel Green, a former foster kid and adoptee, is dedicated to raising awareness for foster youth. After losing his 74 year old father at birth and entering the foster system due to his mother’s mental illness, Emanuel and his brother were eventually adopted. Despite a humble upbringing, Emanuel received love and support, which shaped his resilient spirit.

Discovering his father's extended family and speaking about his foster care experience inspired Emanuel to create "A Beautiful Day." This initiative aims to amplify the voices of the over 500,000 foster kids in the U.S. and millions worldwide, many of whom age out of the system without support. Join Emanuel in his mission to bring lasting change and support to foster youth globally.

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