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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Beautiful Day a non-profit organization?

ABD is not a non-profit organization however we work with non-profit organizations who support our cause. We are a resource for those looking for help as well as a marketing channel to raise funds through e-commerce, media, and services.


What is GreenvisionX?

GVX is the marketing company that owns and operates ABD. ABD is a cause related marketing project dedicated to raising awareness for foster kids and “aged out” foster kids.

How do I know you are really donating up to 50% of proceeds?

As ABD starts to grow we will provide quarterly updates to our subscribers showing what we are doing with the proceeds that are being generated.


Why are some items listed as (International or Canada)?

We list certain items this way so those who are purchasing outside of the United States will have shorter shipping times by purchasing from our International and Canadian partners.

Who are your partner programs for?

We have partnerships with organizations who provide the services we promote. They are intended to help those who are in need or are looking for that service. You do not have to be a foster kid in order to participate.

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