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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you could not physically breathe, you would understand the importance and value of the free air that we breath every day and in extension the importance of life, health and the gift of a new day. In order to experience every new day with joy and hope there are a few things that we must take into consideration and begin to practice.

Know that Morning will come

“Drop by drop an ocean is formed,” this saying is one of the most accurate ways to live your life. Even if it seems like life is hard now, know that morning will eventually come. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, pick yourself up every day and do something that counts towards your goal. The little persistent actions that we take every day, will materialise into great achievements in the future. To win the world championship, Usain Bolt the fastest man on earth trained for more than multiple years. He appreciated the value made by little efforts every day, so that one day he would become a world champion. He is quoted for saying “I trained 4 years to run only 9 seconds.” As you wake up every day, make sure you are doing one thing consistently.

Forgive your past mistakes

We all have issues in our lives that we blame ourselves for and these issues have a negative impact on our minds and productivity. This situation is not peculiar to any one person. We all have issues that make us forget about what is most important; that we are still alive and with every new day, we have an opportunity to forgive ourselves, take up a clean slate and try again. We must confront our past mistakes as imperfect and beautiful beings and then forgive ourselves and let go. This will take away the weight of guilt and enable us to appreciate and use the gift of a new and beautiful day to achieve our dreams.

Be grateful

Every day is a gift, that we should be grateful for, acknowledging that we are worthy of a second chance should tell us that we are special and have a reason for being alive. Instead of counting the things that are wrong with our lives, we should give thanks for the things that we have in our lives; health and potential to become who we want and leave a beautiful mark on the world.

Be in the present

The past is gone, let go of it, the future will take care of itself, don’t let it get you down. The only thing we truly have is the present and sometimes we worry about the past and the future and miss out on all the beautiful things that today brings. Don’t wake up and wallow in the same thoughts and activities that made yesterday a sad day. With a new day comes the opportunity to start all over again and better. Take in the air, appreciate the beauty of life and the smiling faces around you, take note of the little things that make life worthwhile and be hopeful, disciplined, and persistent. The things we do today will shape tomorrow, make it count.

Reconnect with nature

There is peace and joy when we leave the ever-busy streets and activities of modern life and experience the quiet sounds and feel of nature. To appreciate the gift of a new day, find time to reconnect with nature, meditate and just breath. Visit a quiet park or reserve filled with nature instead of a crowded mall or club. Let us happen to life by making everyday count towards happiness, hope and our ultimate goal instead of letting life happen to us.

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